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Let it Snow!

Let it Snow!
Everyone likes a nice fire in the hearth during a cold winter and keeping a stash of firewood nearby is essential.  We keep ours on a small temporary rack outside our slider to the deck. But the forecast is calling for snow...

Bungee Cords (and Lexi) helping me heal

Bungee Cords (and Lexi) helping me heal
After many years of awesome adventures my ACL repair has begun to tire, I snapped it while skiing at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire. However, with 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 fish...

Bungee Hack flash back wrapping up the pool cover

Yes the snow is flying and the temps plummeting here in the northeast, what better time to post a hack about how useful bungee cords are...

Happy Holidays Bungee Hack

Use bungee cords to keep deer netting up to keep the pests from eating your landscape. Bungee Beast makes using bungee cords easy.

Welcome to the bungee hack blog!

Welcome to the bungee hack blog, a place to find useful ways to take advantage of bungee cords at home and on the go.