How It Works

The BungeeBeast® consists of a series of disks, each with slots and our innovative turning points arranged along the length of a shaft.  The slots provide locations to hook bungee cords into and the turning points provide a means to change the direction of a bungee cord to take up slack.  The length of the shaft and position of the disks have been optimized to allow for a very wide range of bungee cords - from the very short to the very long.


Each unit is designed to hold 12 cords, but we have found that, depending on the length, you can store more than 12.  BungeeBeast® is available in two sizes, regular and compact.  The regular BungeeBeast® can store bungees up to 60" in length with a single turn and the compact BungeeBeast® can store bungee cords up to 28" in length with a single turn.  The arrangement of the disks along the shaft allows for a wide variety of lengths to be stored on the device.

With BungeeBeast® - your problem of tangled hard to use bungee cords is solved !