Happy Holidays Bungee Hack

Hello everyone, here in the Northeast when the days grow short and the snow starts to fly - the deer come to eat our yard.  Protecting our landscaping investment is important to us and since our Christmas lights don't keep the deer away we put up deer netting to discourage the frenzy.  One challenge with the deer netting is keeping it in place over the winter, for that we turn to our bungee cords for help.  In the past we have tried twist ties and string but they really didn't work.  Bungee cord are the best choice we have found so far.  They allow us to easily adjust the tension on the netting so that its enough to hold it up but not enough to tear it.  

In the photos with this post you can see where we put the netting up over our Christmas lights and have a couple of bungee cords to hold the netting to the porch railing.  

And one that disappears into our bush where it cools to a branch

And in the last shot, we have cord attached to our deck in the rear holding the deer netting over our arborvitae's 

Of course we keep the cords on a Bungee Beast when they aren't being used and you can be sure we'll put them back when the winter is over the deer netting comes down again.

Please let us know what you think.

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