Let it Snow!

Everyone likes a nice fire in the hearth during a cold winter and keeping a stash of firewood nearby is essential.  We keep ours on a small temporary rack outside our slider to the deck. But the forecast is calling for snow so I needed to cover the wood, and at the same time to be sure that the cover would stay on in the wind.  So I grabbed a tarp and my Bungee Beast.  With a quick look at my Bungee Beast I could see that the yellow cords were the ones I needed for this job.


Using a couple of staples I loosely attached the bungee cords to the uprights on both the rear and front of my rack.


I re-positioned the rack and then using the rear bungee cord I attached my tarp, then stacked the wood back on it, brought the tarp over the top of the wood to cover it and secured it with the front bungee cord.


So the snow came and our wood stayed covered and dry and our fire is burning bright!


What creative problem solving have you done with bungee cords?  Share your story, in our comment box below and let us know.

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