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Bungee Cords are often bought in jars like this...

Leading to tangles like this...

Which is why we invented this!

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Bungee cords are very handy

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Five Stars, Love this nifty thing!

It's great and does just what it's advertised to do! Great invention! I love how I don't have to deal with my bungee cords being a snakes nest anymore. Awesome job and congrats to the inventors!

Carol B.Verified Buyer

5 Stars, A must have for any household!

I recently purchased this product and really love it, it is compact, goes anywhere and works wonders. I like to keep organized and this is the key to stay that way with bungee cords. No more digging though buckets of bungee cords trying to find the right size cord, this product is a absolute must have!

Kyle Ennis on Aug 27, 2016

5.0 out of 5 starsQuick, no-tangle access to bungee cords!

Nice neat way to access my bungee cords! Holds about 15 or so, depending on lengths. Solved my aggravating mess whenever a needed a specific length and had to pull the whole tangled mess out and unravel it to get the right one. Now, I have it in 1 second. All my friends that see it want one.

John B.on July 29, 2017