The BungeeBeast® is proudly designed and manufactured here in the USA by Infinite Limit, LLC.  The idea for the BungeeBeast® came about as we used our bungee cords -- around the house, camping, on our boat, etc.  Boy, can they be a pain - often getting tangled making it hard to find one of the length you need.

The solution - BungeeBeast® - was created over multiple iterations of design and hand made prototypes.  The patented BungeeBeast® will store a wide variety of bungee cords - from the very short 10" cords to the longer 40" and 50" cords, and even the tarp ties with the little ball on the end.

Infinite Limit, LLC was established November 19, 2010 by a husband and wife team located in the north eastern United States who together have nearly 60 years of business, engineering and tech experience.   

Infinite Limit, LLC

We'd love to hear from you! Contact us at info@bungeebeast.com, or visit us at infinitelimit.com for more information.