BungeeBeast® bungee cord organizer without bungee cords 19"

19" BungeeBeast®

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About the Product

This Bungee Beast® consists of 4 discs, preventing over stretched bungee cords.  Stop wasting time searching the garage for missing bungee cords!


This Bungee Beast® is light weight, portable and easy to use.  Throw it in your car, truck or trailer and take it with you.  Don't worry, the Bungee Beast® is durable and is designed to give years of service. 


-Hook 28" bungee cords with a single turn.
-The arrangement of the disks along the shaft allows for a wide variety of lengths to be stored on the device.
-This model is designed to store 12 or more bungee cords-depending on cord length.
*Bungee Cords not included*