Bungee Cords...Many Uses...Bungee Beast, Just Makes It Easier

The reason the Bungee Beast exists is because we use bungee cords.  We use them for all sorts of things - they make a great pair of extra hands, they can keep plants upright against a garden stake, they keep stuff tied down, the list goes on.  But what I often found is that the bungee cords always get tangled with each other and its a pain to find the one you want...when you want it.


Bungee Beast solves that problem in a manner that is not available anywhere else in the market.  Our product has a unique design and is highly functional for storing cords of various lengths.  If you use Bungee Cords, you will love having a Bungee Beast - get yours in today - Free shipping in September - use code SHIPTOME during checkout.

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