Bungee Beast 1- Competition -0

If bungee's are your thing, and your looking for something to hold and store your bungee cords, look no further. Bungee Beast® is 100% the product for you. Nothing else out there will satisfy you the way the Bungee Beast® can. Other "products" out there  claim to help keep your bungees together, but none of them compare to the Bungee Beast®.

You see the Bungee Beast® consists of a series of disks, each with slots and our innovative turning points arranged along the length of a shaft. The slots provide locations to hook bungee cords into and the turning points provide a means to change the direction of a bungee cord to take up slack. The length of the shaft and position of the disks have been optimized to allow for a very wide range of bungee cords - from the very short to the very long.

Therefore the Bungee Beast® not only organizes and stores your bungee cords, but it maintains them without overstretching them.

Stay on the Winning team, get your Bungee Beast® today! 

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