Heading Back To Bungee Beast® University

Trying to figure out how to pack all of your son or daughter's belongings into one car for a long trip back to school? Bungee Beast® may be just what you need! We have all been there...trying to fit a comforter, television, stereo, desk supplies, and small couch into one trunk bed, it's an absolute nightmare.


Tighten all of your furniture down with the help of your trusty Bungee Beast®! Bungee Beast® is right here to hold your bungee cords in place ready to go, as you situate the backseat of your car for the road trip ahead.

Bungee Beast® is available here in our online store, as well as in Williams Lumber Co. in Rhinebeck, and Adams Fairacre Farms in Newburgh.

Get your Bungee Beast® today! 

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