Bungee Beast® Your Vacation Plans Tightly to the Car!

This past weekend the Infinite Limit LLC and Bungee Beast® team got together for a weekend away from all the noise, and lived in a house along the shore of Saranac Lake. Together we sat and cooked over an open fire, went cruising on the boat, canoeing, and morning and nighttime fishing. It was great having some good old fashioned fun in the great outdoors.

Having the Bungee Beast along for the trip made our lives so much easier! It's amazing how a little creativity with bungee cords can go a long way. Don't under estimate the power of the Bungee beast®, it wouldn't be wise. These things pack a punch, and you should definitely have one with you on your next vacation.

Check out our new video!

Thanks from the Infinite Limit LLC, and Bungee Beast® team.




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