"Born in the USA" Bungee Beast® Springsteen

 Your walking down an aisle and pick up a random product off the shelves. It can be any product, a toy, appliance, tool, anything you wish. Now imagine yourself flipping over this product and reading "Made In USA"... Aren't those a refreshing combination of words? Today it feels like nothing is made in our great country anymore. The truth is businesses look for the easy way out, and shift their production divisions else where.


NO MORE! Infinite Limit, LLC and the Bungee Beast® brand manufactures, markets, and sells products to meet the needs of individuals and businesses. Among its core values, Infinite Limit, LLC will produce its products in the USA with domestic labor and materials.
Bungee Beast® is made right here within our boarders, and is here to make your lives easier when handling bungee cords. 


All Bungee Beasts® in our online store are 5$ off with the redeemable code AMERICANPROUD, good through the end of July! Bungee Beast® is a local companion, it'll be by your side through thick and thin, good and bad. Don't let tangled and lost bungee cords ruin your summer vacation plans, let the Bungee Beast® keep you organized and ready to go!

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